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OERigin Stories book cover

OERigin Stories

CC BY-SA (Attribution ShareAlike)   English

Subject(s): Open learning, distance education, Diversity, equality and inclusion in the workplace

Publisher: Digital Higher Education Consortium of Texas (DigiTex)

Last updated: 19/05/2022

OERigin Stories presents interviews with six leaders in the Open Education Movement: Tonja Conerly, Angela DeBarger, Liliana Diaz Solodukhin, Shinta Hernandez, Jessie Loyer, and Ariana Santiago. Inspired by a presentation at the OpenEd 19 conference by Ariana Santiago, Cynthia Orozco, and Regina Gong (Highlighting Women of Color Experiences in Leading OER Projects), Ursula Pike asked each woman to detail her pathway into the Open Education Movement, how her identity intersects with Open, the future of the movement, the benefits of Open Education, and what they think is missing from the Open Education Movement.

Introduction to Narrative Journalism book cover

Introduction to Narrative Journalism

CC BY-NC (Attribution NonCommercial)   English

Subject(s): Media studies: journalism

Publisher: UM-Dearborn Open Education

Last updated: 19/05/2022

Introduction to Narrative Journalism: Real Stories, Artfully Told is a textbook created for beginning narrative journalists exploring the craft. It is inspired by the Narrative Journalism course (JASS/COMP/ENGL 310) at the University of Michigan-Dearborn, and it is intended to be used as a guide and handbook. It is structured around the five elements of fiction, and provides both instruction and student examples of various narrative journalism projects.

Keys to the Understanding the Middle East book cover

Keys to the Understanding the Middle East

CC BY-SA (Attribution ShareAlike)   English

Subject(s): Middle Eastern history, Middle East, Systems of law: Islamic law

Publisher: UM-Dearborn Open Education

Last updated: 19/05/2022

This book, developed for students at the University of Michigan-Dearborn, is a remix of Alam Payind’s and Melissa McClimans’ 2017 open text, “Keys to Understanding the Middle East,” published by Ohio State University. Specifically, this version adds a more consistent approach to transliteration, and expands on languages in the Middle East, Islamic sects, and the history that preceded the modern period.

This book is intended for those who have never studied the Middle East, or experts who may wish to fill gaps in their knowledge of the region from other disciplines. Whether for establishing or deepening one’s knowledge of the region, these fundamentals are important to know. The languages, cultural, religious and sectarian communities of the region, and selected turning points and influential people in history are starting points for gaining an understanding of the diverse contexts of the region.

Annotating the UNESCO Recommendation on OER book cover

Annotating the UNESCO Recommendation on OER

CC BY-SA (Attribution ShareAlike)  1 H5P Activities    English

Subject(s): Education

Publisher: Open Education Global

Last updated: 19/05/2022

The Survival Guide to the University of Pikeville book cover

The Survival Guide to the University of Pikeville

CC BY (Attribution)   English

Author(s): Eric Werth, EdD, Katherine Williams

Editor(s): Katherine Williams, Eric Werth, EdD

Subject(s): Study and learning skills: general, Student life, For higher / tertiary / university education

Last updated: 28/04/2021

The Survival Guide to the University of Pikeville is a compilation of projects completed by students in their First Year Seminar course each semester.  Students are asked to research an area of student life that they wished they had known more about before starting college.  Through surveys, interviews, and other data collection methods, students put together resources to help themselves and others succeed in college.  This book is a continuing project, added to or edited by students in subsequent semesters.