H5P activities list

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1Unit 1: Welcome to #openteachCourse Presentation
2Introduction to Online ClassesCourse Presentation
3Interaction in online coursesCourse Presentation
4Unit 3: Introducing MícheálCourse Presentation
6Unit 1: #openteach Check your understandingCourse Presentation
7Introduction to Unit 2: Social PresenceCourse Presentation
8Eimear's dilemmaCourse Presentation
9Social presence in the CoI modelCourse Presentation
10Achieving Social presenceCourse Presentation
11Unit 2: Tools that you might useColumn
12Unit 2: Comments from StudentsImage Hotspots
13Unit 2: Resources and ReferencesAccordion
14Unit 2: Social Presence in Large online classesCourse Presentation
15Managing discussion forumsCourse Presentation
16Supporting StudentsCourse Presentation
17Tools that you might use to support studentsColumn
19Unit 3: Comments from StudentsImage Hotspots
20Unit 3: Tools that you might useColumn
21Unit 3: Resources and ReferencesAccordion
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