H5P activities list

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1Yielding the Right of WayFind Multiple Hotspots
2Restrictions and SIMCourse Presentation
3LSMILEFill in the Blanks
4Who are vulnerable users?Drag and Drop
5Essential Questions Chapter 1Essay
6What are the steps to back in perpendicular parking?Sort the Paragraphs Steering TechniquesCourse Presentation Reading GuagesCourse Presentation Target - Central and Fringe VisionCourse Presentation Driver StatisticsCourse Presentation HTSCourse Presentation Safety Belts and MovementsCourse Presentation Mirror AdjustmentsCourse Presentation
161.2.2 Homework Assignment - Instruments, Gauges and SymbolsCourse Presentation
17Instruments Gauges and SymbolsInteractive Video Reference PointsCourse Presentation Lane Position SelectionCourse Presentation CommunicationCourse Presentation Restrictions and SIMCourse Presentation Search and IdentifyCourse Presentation
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