168 5 Things that are Banned from Dorm Life and the Alternative to Bring


Editor’s Note: Written by two anonymous students.

When coming into the college and dorm life it can become overwhelming at times, especially if you are not sure what you can and cannot bring. Most times your school will provide a list of things you can bring but sometimes it doesn’t really specify or is as clear as you would like it to be. A lot of items that’s listed by the school are considered safe and does not violate any regulations. Paying attention to the list and prohibited items can help you save money by avoid purchasing the items. Avoiding these items can save you from getting fined or written up when they do room checks.

One thing that most people bring to college is decorated lights for your room. Don’t bring the ones you got to plug in the wall. I brought some that are battery operated ones & we can use that! Having decorated lights for your room is pretty and it makes it more comfy.


Tart warmers don’t bring the ones where you plug into the outlets. Make sure it has an off/on switch. If it doesn’t have an off/on switch, then they will take it. If you can’t find a tart warmer, then bring air refreshers etc.


Extension cords are a must to bring. You got to have one that has an off/on switch and the surge protector. You can plug in your lamp, tv, phone charger, alarm clock. Hair supplies, fridge, microwave etc. Don’t bring the Project Source extensions cord (outside cords), if they see it then they will take it.

If you want to cook, you can bring a hot plate and pans. You can’t bring a propane oven to cook it because that is a fire hazard. When you cook on the hot plate make sure you turn it off after you’re done cooking on it.

Most colleges will let you bring your own mini fridge, when they do make sure you bring one that is under 4 cubic feet. You can’t bring a full sized one, obviously. Having your own fridge is neat to have so you can put food in there in case you don’t want to get up and go eat.

We don’t want anyone to get trouble over things you can’t have so here are some pictures of stuff we brought and that you are aloud to have:

Image of fridge Image of Induction Cook Top Image of Power Strip Image of Wax Warmer
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