164 Adapting to Dorm Life


Day one guide for the newbies

  • Make friends
  • Get to know your surroundings
  • Get used to the bathroom
  • Talk to your roommate

Your Roommate

Your roommate is gonna be your best friend in the end so why not get to know them like mine is very smart so if I needed help because I made a connection with him he would most likely help me out if I was in need.


Are you shy or nervous we have all been there I asked 13 people if they ever shared a bathroom with siblings or strangers tests showed up that 76 percent of them did and the 23% said no so that makes it harder on them but they all have used public bathrooms

All these things together

With know all that you have done to get familiar with many friends and roommates that’s the basic ideas of making a bond with others making you more approachable which helps you a lot in these situations.

Sports and classes

These are the most important if you do either of these getting to know your professors and teammates is a great sources of friends to have.Classes make sure to be up and on time because you pay to learn now missing class will only hurt you not the professor if you need to miss class email them but grades is the whole idea behind class make sure you go and do your work.


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