22 Adjusting to Hybrid Classes & 8-Week Block Schedule

Gaberiel Fields

The University of Pikeville recently made the decision to change from the traditional sixteen-week block schedule to the newly aquirred eight-week block schedule. With this change, UPike also decided to make all classes hybrid in-person/online. The purpose of this resource is to give you an understanding of exatly what the eight week block schedule and hybrid classes are, along with some tips to adjust to the new infrastructure.

The eight-week block schedule is not as confusing as it sounds at first. Essentially the eight-week block schedule is just the normal sixteen-week block schedule cut in half with less classes at a time. University of Pikeville Provost Lori Worth explains exactly what the eight-week block schedule is and why it was the right decision for UPike in a UPike Newsroom article. Worth said, “Implementing an eight-week block schedule will benefit UPIKE students by allowing them to focus on up to three courses per block instead of the typical four or five classes per academic term. This transformation will enhance balance in students’ schedules, improve learning, and further enrich the relationships between students and professors with an increased focus on course material and communication.”

This year the University of Pikeville also switched to hybrid in-person/online classes to combat the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Hybrid classes allow students and professors to quickly transition from in-person instruction to online instruction. The main way hybrid classes vary from normal instruction is that most work is completed online and not in-person. University of Pikeville President Burton Webb explained why UPike decided to implement hybrid classes. Webb said, “UPIKE faculty are designing courses that can be taught online and easily migrated back into the classroom or taught as hybrid courses. Over a decade’s worth of research indicates that shorter courses are better, both in face-to-face and online contexts.”

Infographic on tips for getting through 8 weeks


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