63 Balancing Athletics and Academics

Noah Helton and Brayden Powers

Our topic is about balancing academics & athletics and how to make the best out of your student athlete experience. For first-year student athletes, it’s easy to get intimidated by coaches and college professors so we collected credible resources from different cites that will map out the experience. In the beginning of the PowerPoint, Brayden and I took multiple pictures of our daily routine and described a normal day being a student athlete here at the University of Pikeville. I then collected scholarly sources we could use to describe the difficulties of balancing athletics and academics. We then interviewed one of our baseball coaches, who was once a baseball player here, and asked him multiple questions about his experience as a student athlete, asked about what study skills he utilized, as well as asked him for advice. I believe our final project is going to be very beneficial for student athletes in the future here at UPIKE.

Interview with Coach Sokoll about his student athlete experience…


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