60 Balancing Athletics with Classes & Social Life

Ashley Fannin

As a first semester freshmen on a sports team I moved in two weeks before classes started and a week and a half before the rest of the freshmen. I was absolutely terrified of everything new and everything different, me and my best friend who came to Upike and was on the same sports team with me stuck to ourselves and we missed the three day activities where the freshmen hung out and got to know each other so I was even more stressed out. But after I called my mom and a few tears were shed I decided I wasn’tgoing to go down the rabbit hole of sadness and only talking to my team and not go to class. But here’s how I decided to NOT be part of the statistic.

5 Tips For Staying On Top Of Your Class Work Specifically For Sports 

Get a planner  Get a physical planner and take it with you to every class so you can stay aware of your due dates and put your competitions in so you know when to tell your professor you will be gone. 
Set your alarm clock away from your bed  Set your alarm clock on the other side of your night stand so you will physically have to get up to turn it off because as a athlete you will be gone until late a lot of weekends just to get back late Sunday 
Set up your email on multiple devices  If you set your email up on multiple devices you will get multiple alerts so that you will know what your professor or faculty member said. Especially on road trips you will open your email and never think of it again. However if you set up your email on your laptop you will know what you need to do and when it is due. 
Go to a quiet place to study  If you go to a quiet place you will be able to get your work done and might be able to do your work early so that you can go to your next tournament without any work to do. Stay away from your room when trying to study because you will just fall asleep. Try to go to the library or another quiet place. 

5 Easy Things You Can Do To Be Social When You Aren’t At Practice 

#1 Stay out of your room just because you’re scared of new things. Go to the lounge or go eat at the café and sit with someone new. ​

#2 When your school has activities like bingo, free wings & chips, or activities outside. Don’t just sit there and blame it on your practice that isn’t for two more hours take advantage of your free time ​

#3 Join clubs that work around your schedule and be open about what sport you do ​

#4 work study… I know what you’re thinking “I have practice two hours a day PLUS classes, how do you expect me to work?” work study will work with your schedule and it’s a great place to make some new friends ​

#5 in your classes if you’re the only one from your sports team don’t be afraid to sit next to someone and start a conversation because chances are they are a freshmen too and are just as nervous.

Don’t Forget The Ones Who Will Have Your Back 

The reason I put this slide in was because I wanted to make sure you know how much your team matters and to not forget it. My team and coaches mean so much to me. They’re the ones who will be with you even you are at your limit because chances are they are right there with you. 

2019-2020 Women's Bowling Team


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