72 Balancing School and Sports


School Work

School work in your first year at UPIKE will be new, different, and most likely harder.

Tips to Being a Good Student

  • Attend class as much as possible.
  • Make sure all work is done on time.
  • Participate in classroom activities.
  • Ask questions if something is not understood.
  • Don’t be scared to contact your professor outside of class.

Time Management

  • Managing your time will be your best friend when it comes to schoolwork.
  • Schedule specific times each week for only doing homework.


  • When it comes to sports in college thing get to become serious.
  • This sport is now paying for your schooling.
  • This sport is likely much harder than it has ever been before.

Being a good college athlete

  • Part of being good is time and dedication.
  • Practicing as much as possible will always make you better.

Balance practice and school

  • Although practice is very important
  • School is too
  • School should always be first
  • Make time to practice around your school schedule

Mandatory Team study hall

  • Some teams at upike make a designated time for their students to study each week.
  • This is known and study hall or study table.
  • This is 2 hours spent in the library doing all class related stuff the whole time.

Stay busy

  • In my experience when I do not have something to do I want to sleep
  • This causing me to miss classes and practices.



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