62 Being a Student Athlete

Cannon Piller

I chose this topic because I have found being a student-athlete a challenge. I run track, and I am a secondary education major with an emphasis on math. I have had to resort to many lifestyle changes to keep my body healthy. I must make sure my grades are good so that I can compete.

Being a student-athlete is tough; you must balance practice games homework and especially time for yourself. You will feel overwhelmed by halfway through your first semester. You will feel the pressure from your coach and your teachers to perform well in both parts of your life. I will give a few tips and tricks on how to survive your first semester of the best four years of your life.

Studies have shown that a lot of athletes will not have good grades in school. People scrutinize these students and cause them to feel like they aren’t good enough. The best thing to do in your first year is to make sure your grades are good enough to avoid the trouble from your coach, your teachers, and possibly the public. As a student-athlete, you are responsible for making the school look good by having good grades and performing to the best of your ability.

The best thing to do in order to avoid bad grades is to schedule a time to study and do homework, be organized, and give yourself time to relax. Being organized gives you an advantage in the long run with finals. Giving yourself time to relax will relieve stress from practice and homework and help keep you interested in school. You must also let your professors know when you have a game, so they are able to help you get the work you need. Make sure to be in class on time and always check your email.

If the stress of your first year of college is still getting you down, you could check out a few of these articles to give yourself a better feeling about being a student-athlete:

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