9 Building Healthy/Successful Relationships with your Major Class Professors

Ronnie "Colton" Bowling

Defining A Healthy/Successful Relationship

For many students, coming into your first year of college is like a whole new world. It is normal to often feel lost and alone in this new environment which is why developing a relationship with all your professors and specifically your major professors.

To develop a healthy/successful relationship with your professors means to become familiar with your professors vice versa and provide a positive learning environment.

Finding Your Major

Finding your major is one crucial part before you can decide what professors you would need to develop a relationship with.

Through all major courses Upike has to offer, there are multiple professors in each department. Each professor will teach certain classes pertaining to the subcategories of the major you choose.

After deciding a major and subdivision of your major, find the classes and instructors you will be having for the next few years of your college experience.


After finding your major, classes, and professors the first step is face to face interaction. Attendance is key in proving to your professors you are a good student and you care about your major.

Attending every class and especially test days, any important day your teacher brings to attention, and the optional days and activities recommended for your professor suggests gives you an upper hand over the other students.

It is very important to attend the first day of class as it gives you an opportunity to introduce yourself and learn how the course will flow. –This first interaction is crucial and will help your professor recognize you on a day-to-day basis.


Of course any student should complete their classwork efficiently and on time whether or not they want a healthy relationship with their professor, but you should not be the student who always asks for extensions and turns in late work. Yes, this will get your professors acknowledgement but in a negative way.

Office Hours

At the University of Pikeville every professor is required to have office hours for any student who needs help on assignments, guidance, or just a conversation over course curriculum.

Many students do not use this commodity as it should be. This opportunity is a great way to show your professor you care rather than to give up on an assignment and get a bad grade.

Using a professor’s office hours gives you an easy conversation starter and engages you in an opportunity to get familiar with each other.

Usually office hours are located on your course syllabus and often your professor will tell you if you simply ask.

Internships and Projects

If you get to create a healthy relationship with your professor by the end of the semester, ask for ways you can benefit your professor.

Some professors might have side jobs or projects they are working on in which you can ask to help with. This can provide you with a one on one experience which can further your interests in certain subjects or activities.

If your professor is not doing anything outside of school, you can simply ask to help around class or even just ask about their interest or hobbies regarding your major.

The Benefit

Many professors will agree to write you a letter of recommendation for any graduate school or work beyond Upike if you get to know them and develop a relationship.

Classwork can often be a struggle and you might often get stuck or want to give up. Having a professor who you know and likes you will give you the opportunity to get extra help on assignments and maybe even more leniency on classwork.

Establishing a bond could in turn give you a life-long mentor and further your interests in your chosen major. These relationships can open you up to new pathways and people of interest for your career interests.


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