6 Characteristics of College

Cody Morehead


There are numerous factors all of which contribute to success in college. Without the primary big ones, you will fail.  However, without the small, supporting aspects, you can still fail.  College is a skyscraper requiring all of its supports to be robust.  Below is a picture depicting the most important aspects in college in order to maintain a healthy state of mind and therefore succeed.

Courage.  There is nothing that can be accomplished without courage.  You cannot make friends without courage.  Acknowledge that fear, understand it, and push back.

Friendship.  This word is as important as steel in a skyscraper.  Without friends you will fall.  Go to meetings/events and look around.  You will see someone you can talk to.

Sleep.  Without this, your mind will fail and thus your body will follow.

Professors.  These people are your keystone to success.

Focus.  Without focus, your mind will wander and become distracted.  Distractions can lead to bad habits.

Failure.  Failure will occur.  Accept it now and you will be stronger when it happens.  Move past it and grow.

Homework.  Might as well put this word in the definition of  “success” for success is highly improbable without work.

Food.  Sustenance keeps the body healthy and keeps the mind from yearning.  Food helps you focus.

Fun.  Fun raises happiness and decreases burnout.  Burnout is essential to keep low.

Relationships.  These are the cables holding a bridge up.  Important relationships, both personal and impersonal, keep you going.

Events.  Events decrease burnout by being a random stone in the mundane path that can be your studies.

Dedication.  Nothing is accomplished without dedication.  No invention in history has lacked dedicated work.


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