101 Commuter Survival Tips

Megan S Hughes

Hello, incoming freshman!  I am excited to greet you as new members of the UPIKE bear family and look forward to seeing you around on campus.  My project is directed around commuter life and how to balance the challenges that accompany those of you whom are commuters.  I have made a video that explains in depth techniques on several key aspects in a commuter’s life, ranging from time management to tips that, although small, vastly impact a commuter’s quality of life and education.  I will prosper off of not only my experiences, but some of my fellow commuter friends whom have spoke with me about their experiences (anonymously).  I will explore the details of managing school, work, friends/family, and most importantly that “me time” that everyone needs.  I sincerely hope this aids someone in surviving college life as a commuter student.  


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