44 Coping with COVID

Joshua Hall

Upcoming Freshmen are going to be met with very strenuous situations related to COVID-19. It’s a stressful situation for everyone but, just remember to stay healthy & safe. Changes are always going on throughout campus so stay updated through email and webadvisor.*

How to keep yourself & others safe anywhere:

  1. Wear your mask!
  2. Stay 6ft apart!
  3. Keep social contact to a minimum!

While on campus additional guidelines may be enforced to ensure students are safe and able to remain in class during this global pandemic.

Keeping yourself & others safe on campus:


  1. Staying separated when able to be
  2. Sit with suitemates if possible or people in your group
  3. Eat in your dorm when possible


  1. Only allow suitemates in your dorm
  2. Keep visitors to a minimum
  3. Keep your mask on when you exit your dorm

In class:

  1. Keep separated from your classmates
  2. Keep your mask on during lecture

COVID-19 is a very serious disease and should be taken seriously to keep the spread under control. Kentucky cases are growing everyday still and we need to keep case numbers to a minimum.

What to do when you think you’ve been exposed:

  1. Stay in your room and contact the campus nurse immediately.
  2. You will need to be tested
  3. Stay in quarantine during exposure to avoid spreading
  4. Contact every person you’ve been around


When exposed to COVID-19 many different symptoms may occur depending on the age, sex, and health status of the person infected. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms please contact the campus nurse:

Symptoms include:

Most common symptoms include:

●       Fever

●       Dry cough

●       Tiredness

Less common symptoms:

●       Aches and pains

●       Sore throat

●       Diarrhea

●       Conjunctivitis

●       Headache

●       Loss of taste or smell

●       a rash on skin, or discoloration of fingers or toes

Serious symptoms:

●       Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath

●       Chest pain or pressure

●       Loss of speech of movement


*Some of your class may change to online which will be updated through email and webadvisor.


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