36 Food at the Pike

Jacquez Russ and Damian Sutton Jr.

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Upike Student Feedback

Students at Upike can tell you that it is necessary to have food plans here. Not everyone eats at the cafe 24/7, the food in their dorms to them is their best friend. As an athlete it getting even tougher being that you might have practices or meetings on hours of the cafe. Asking around to the student athletes some have said this “ It’s hard on weekdays and weekends to grab something to eat when we usually get out of practices after the cafe closing time.” As a athlete your schedule is very different from just a normal student. Even a normal student might not be able to make the extremely early times of the cafe. 

Dorm Stash

  • It’s always good to have food in your room ​
  • Some days the cafe may not have things you want. ​
  • Peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches can be your best friend late at night or at times the cafe is not open. ​
  • Snacks such as chips, gummies, or candy can be useful for a grab and go situation for classes.​
  • Hot pockets and other microwaveable food are great to have in your dorm. They can be used on weekends when the cafe does its infamous early closing.​
  • It is very important to invest in a fridge and a microwave.These will be your primary source to store and cook your foods.​

Good foods to have in dorms

  1. Cereal- It does not require milk and it can be appropriate for any time of day. It can be a pretty delicious grab and go snack.​
  2. Microwavable pizzas- possibly used for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A quick easy fix that leaves you satisfied and full.​
  3. Microwavable popcorn- Great for times you’d like a quick sweet snack while doing work or binge watching a netflix show.​
  4. Ramen- probably the king of fast, easy, and cheap foods to have in college. It only requires a bowl, water, and a microwave. It doesn’t cost you much to buy a decent amount of ramen.​


  • Nutrition in foods is an important thing to know when stocking up on foods.​
    • You don’t want to get a bunch of unhealthy foods ​
  • You want to make sure that you get enough nutrition so that your mind and body can function in classes.​
  • Some types of nutritions that are good to consume are water, fiber, potassium, sodium, carbs, etc…..​
    • Milk is also a good drink to have in your dorms as it gives you calcium for stronger bones​
      • This is great for athletes​

Food Hacks

  • Use a reusable bottle to stay hydrated. Most late night hungers come from lack of hydration causing the body to crave food or a substitution for the water. ​
  • Dress up your food, add a little something extra from the other foods you have, For example with ramen noodles you could add a little cheese or meat to spice up the bland meal.​
  •  When going to Walmart or the food market (Velocity or Food City) get more microwave food than frozen food. It’ll help for a clean and quick cook without all of the extra hassle that frozen foods bring. ​


Bucks of the Bears

  • The HPE building gives you a choices of Chic-fil-a , Einsteins Bagels, or P.O.D Market​
  • You get about $250 worth of bear bucks​
  • It would be smart to use these wisely and slowly. Most people use them up and have no more for the rest of the semester. ​​

Off-campus eats​

  • There’s a variety of places to eat around the town​
  • There is a plaza up the road with food restaurants such as Buffalo Wild Wings, Steak n’ Shake, 123 Cafe, and Arby’s. ​
  • Walmart is another source of food along with velocity. ​
  • This plaza is a good place to go with your friends but one of your friends or you will need a car. ​

Saving on food

  • Always visit the cafe as it opens, it’ll be smart to save dorm foods for a time you absolutely need to cook them.​
  • Take advantage of free food at all times. Nothing wrong with being the first to jump at free food.​
  • When you go shop for foods and drinks shop smart. Don’t buy the unnecessary snacks or things that won’t last you very long.​
  • Drink smart, don’t drink up all of your juice or water within a week try to cut back and use a public water fountain to refill bottles.​


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