173 Going to School and Working a Full Time Job


The reason I am choosing to write about my personal life and experiences on working a full-time job and attending school is because I know other people struggle with doing so. I want to be able to help others understand that it is okay to have some stress and struggles in life because they are only meant to get over and to not let those things hold you back. I want others to understand that no matter how hard you have to work it will all feel better in the end.

According to Laura J. Horn and Jennifer Berktold, “approximately 86 percent of college and university students are defined as commuter students, that is, students not living in university-owned housing.” Most college students live in their own houses and not on campus. They do this so they can save money from college. Working a full-time job is hard for anyone, especially when you are in college, you need to have patience, you need to have time, and you constantly have to stay ahead in every class. You constantly need to have a planner for everything, so you are never behind in your classes, your never missing work, and so you never miss a deadline.

According to the article Challenges of the Commuting/Working Students, it says, “On-campus students who make friends with us understand why we can never hang out after class or on the weekends. Often when we’re invited out we have to say, “I’m sorry I work” or “I have to do all my coursework tomorrow. It’s my only off day.”.” I agree with this statement because all these things are what I am going through. I never spend time with family or friends because I am constantly at work, in class, or doing homework. It is very stressful at times but if you just take that time to look at the future you are trying to achieve then you understand it is all worth it in the end. I make it easier on myself by getting all my work done throughout the week so on the weekend I can spend that time with my family. I use my available resources like my family who have been through college and who knows exactly what they are supposed to do to help me get my work done. It gets hard sometimes because you see all your other friends who are going out and doing all these other things without you, but you have to remember and focus on what you need to do for the future.

You should never have to worry about what other people are doing around you. You should try to keep your head focused on what you must get completed and when. Having been caught up on all your homework allows you to not stress as much and to have some free time in the middle of all that. My work schedule is all night shifts besides the weekends. On the weekends I open and leave work around three or four. When I come home, I have time to clean my house, do laundry, and spend time with my family. On school and workdays, I get up around six in the morning, let my dogs out, feed them, fix myself something to eat, and head to school. Before I leave my house, I take my work clothes with me, so I do not have to come back home. I go straight to work and start working on homework for an hour and a half. When it is time for me to clock in, I put my things away and go to work. I get off work at 10:30 every night, I come straight home, shower, and get in the bed.

Working a full-time job and going to school can consume your life and can make it very stressful at times but I have had multiple times where I have had to clock out and take a test and go back to work. I made it to work by making sure I knew when I was supposed to have everything done and by what time. There are times where I do get behind but on my days off work and school, I am sitting down at my laptop from the time I get up, till the time I got to bed.  You may worry about how I do it all the time and it is simple. I must pay for my car, my insurance, utilities, and phone bill, so working while in school is my only option. I make sure if I ever get stressed or wonder why I am doing this to myself, I look at my reasons why. I take frequent breaks when I get stressed to calm my mind and then I go straight back to work.

In conclusion, working a full-time job and going to college full-time can be very stressful. You must keep a clear mind and know exactly what it is that makes you strive to do better, to be better. I commute three days a week to school and five days out of that week I work, so having a clear mind and knowing exactly what makes me strive is what makes me keeping going every day. Keep focused, stay ahead, and to keep your patience, I promise it will help you in the long run. When I first started college I thought it was going to be rough and I did not know how I was going to do, but my professors taught me that you do not need to be stressed and they are always there to help you with any questions or problems you may have.


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