46 How to Adjust to 8 Week Terms

Tyler Maynard and Anonymous

◦During high school many students were not required to develop study and time management skills in order to make good grades. The transition to college requires these skills to be developed as the level and amount of information is much more difficult and challenges even the most bright, well-prepared students. A 16-week semester is very similar to high school in pace and you typically take four. But, an 8-week term is more fast-paced and some students may be concerned that they cannot absorb the coursework that quickly.  Therefore, 8-week terms require the development and utilization of these skills quicker and to a greater extent (Kuczynski, 2020). Be ready to hit the ground running. Students can increase the likelihood of success by avoiding procrastination, maintaining a planner, developing a relationship with the professors, requesting a tutor, and by participating in study groups.
The first way of being successful is by not procrastinating. You can do this by studying over time and not putting assignments back till last second.
A planner can help a student decide what needs to be every day at what time. It can also help them to not miss their classes. You can put everything that you need to do at the beginning of every week and look at it every day so you can see your plans for the day.
Another way to be successful is by creating relationships with your professors. They are the key to your success in schools. Get to know all of your professors and you will become more successful.
A tutor can really optimize your success. As you are on an 8-week schedule you work faster than usual. A tutor can help work to your speed when you are available, and they can work to your learning style.
Last study groups can really help you be successful. You will be surrounded by people who are in the same class as you. Then you all can share knowledge with each other and learn from each other.
In conclusion, 8-week terms will be a struggle and hard to get used to. However if you will use all of these methods over the 8-weeks you will have more and more success over time.


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