71 How to be a Bio Major and Play Sports


What is it like being a bio major

  • I have heard that being a Bio major is one of the hardest things to do at Upike​
  • One of the hardest parts of being a bio major and playing sports is time management​
  • #1 Find a study group​
    • Finding a study group can help a lot​
    • They could help explain things to you in a different way that makes more sense to you#
  • #2 using your time wisely​
    • You have to review for bio there is no way around it. Try reviewing after class, I review my bio in study hall
  • # 3 Talk to you teacher​
    • If you don’t understand something ask you teacher after class of schedule a meeting with them​
    • If you talk your teacher you are more likely to get a better grade because you are showing that you are trying and want a good grade
  • #4 try getting a tutor​
    • Getting a tutor could help a lot because they have already been through the same stuff you would go through​
    • When they explain things to you it may make more sense from them rather your teacher​
    • Also the tutors at Upike are free so you should at least try it
  • #5 go to class​
    • Missing class can hurt your grade​
      • If you miss class you will not learn what was taught in class and you will get behind
  • #6 stay ahead of the game​
    • Playing sports in college is very time consuming​
    • If you have time off and you don’t have any other work try looking ahead at the PowerPoint and get yourself familiar with the material you are about to cover
  •  #7 ask questions​
    • Don’t be afraid to ask questions, if you don’t understand ask questions in class or talk to your teacher after class
  • #8 always check canvas​
    • If you miss class check canvas and find out what was covered in class that day​
    • Check canvas and make sure that you have everything turned in

In conclusion, being a bio major and playing sports is very hard. It isn’t for everyone​.


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