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Nobody likes wearing dirty clothes. You just don’t feel the same knowing you have on clothes you’ve already worn to workouts or some other event in the past without washing them. But, after reading this article you shouldn’t have problems anymore. Finding time to manage doing your laundry and being a student athlete at the same time can be very challenging for some people. I know this because it was for me at first but, once you come up with a routine that works into your schedule and learn how to do laundry on your own it’s very simple.

Where to start

Being a student athlete and having to manage finding time to take care of housekeeping responsibilities can be tough at times. The hardest thing for me at first was trying to locate the laundry room. I had a general idea but the dorm buildings can be confusing, especially for a new student and never seeing the campus, or anything there at all.

Everything you need to know

First thing you need to be aware of is where the laundry room is. Any administrators on campus should be able to answer any questions on where it is located. In most buildings the laundry room is located on the first floor. From there everything else is pretty simple. The next thing you should do is make sure that you have your laundry supplies. For example, I use tide pods which are super easy to use. Every laundry room on campus has rules that are hung up on the walls everywhere in the laundry room. They explain what the rules are and how to act while you’re there. With your detergent you will put it in with your clothes and other than that you start the load yourself. Normally, it takes around 30 min and after it is finished washing you should then take the clothes out and transfer it over to the dryer where your clothes will finish. The dryer is even easier than the washing machine. For the dryer all you have to do is make sure that the lint screen isn’t full. If it is you shall empty it out in the trash can nearby. After that, start your load again and wait about 45 minutes until they are completely done. Sometimes if you have a larger load you can run them in the dryer again and make sure they are completely dry. Other than that, doing your laundry is an easy task but the little things to it can be confusing especially as a first year student.

Other things to think about…

Some other things that were challenges for me at first was finding a good time to fit these into my busy schedule. Being a student athlete it can be difficult at times to manage school work, practices and residence life all together. You have limited time for things like your chores. One thing I did that helped me out was, I found a time during the week when I didn’t have much going on. I designated that time to doing things that are necessary for me other than sports and class. If you find a certain day during the week that works best for you and make that a part of your weekly routine then it should be much easier to find time to do it. I know before I came up with a routine I would always end up pushing it back and then it led to me not doing it for a while.


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