162 How to Make the Perfect Female Dorm

Sierra McKinney and Taylor Stamper

Welcome to The University Of Pikeville. We are so glad to have this many incoming Freshmen enrolled to become BEARS! If you are a Freshman Female who is struggling to know what is needed for the PERFECT dorm. Please feel free to read this booklet put together specifically to make your life that is about to change tremendously easier. If you have any questions feel free to call UPIKE at (606) 218-5250. Good luck this year! GO BEARS! 

The Night Before College


➤The night before college is one of the most nerve wracking experience you will ever experience.
➤Make sure you know where you are going. When I came to Pikeville, as well as other freshman students, I was utterly lost and stressed due to not knowing where to go. Thankfully I had my family with me, but not everyone is in that same situation.
➤Write down all of the information you might need. Example: flight information, map directions, transportation to campus (provided by upike) names, and phone numbers.
➤Unfortunately, parking at Pikeville is a struggle, make sure you arrive early before set arrival time if you want close to your dorm/check-in.
Things you will need to bring
➤BEDDING: For myself, I invested in a mattress topper. The mattresses aren’t necessarily the most comfortable, so this made comfort a lot better. I also purchased TWIN XL sheets for the bed. Make sure you are buying the XL so they will be long enough. (You might want to buy another set so you can switch out and wash). I also brought two pillows from home, along with two pillowcases (bring extra pillowcases as well). I purchased a pink bed spread to match my roommates. We bought a queen size so it would hang down and be long enough. This bedspread also came with decorative pillows that are super cute, and you might want to purchase to complete the look of the room. I also brought a throw and blanket from home just in case. I bought a bed skirt too this hangs down and covers the space under the bed. I love mine because it covers all the stuff you might not want to be seen.
➤ CLEANING SUPPLIES: I’ll be honest. The dorms might not be the cleanest. Here is a small list of items I found necessary: Cleaning wipes (Clorox wipes), window cleaner, paper towels, trash bags, a small hand vacuum, dish soap, plunger, toilet brush, trash can, and maybe some kind is air freshener. SHOWER/BATH ITEMS: There are also a couple items for this category that are a MUST HAVE! For example, a shower caddy (you may have an in-room shower or a community hall), bathrobe, shower shoes (if a community shower), MULTIPLE towels, washcloths, hand towels, and maybe a bath mat.
➤PERSONAL ITEMS: PERSONAL CLEANING/REG. ITEMS: Do not bring your most expensive products due to the fact of people taking your things.
➤this happens everywhere, not just Pikeville. Some items are, Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, Face Soap, Lotion, Razors (and cartridges), feminine items, toothbrush, toothpaste, hair product (gel, hairspray, etc.), hairdryer, straightener/curling iron, hairbrush, makeup, tissues, deodorant, nail trimmers, and Q tips.
➤SAFETY SUPPLIES: Bandaids, antibiotic ointment, cold medicine, ibuprofen, inhaler (if needed), sunscreen, and prescription medications you regularly take (it would be wise to bring your insurance card in case of emergencies).
➤ELECTRONICS: MAKE SURE to bring ALL chargers… (phone, computer, iPod, etc.), Laptop, YOU CAN NOT have extension cords in the dorm… you can only use power strips, alarm clock, fan.
➤MAYBE ITEMS: TV, Roku or FireStick, mini-fridge, and microwave. STORAGE: It is good to have storage for the dorm room. I keep everything stored under my bed. I also bought plastic drawers that are stackable for my clothes that I don’t necessarily wear a lot. Also, and adjustable hanging rack for clothes, bedside caddy, hanging organizer, and a small shoe rack.


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