24 How to Manage Classes and More with COVID-19

Serena Tucker

Everyone knows that the transition from high school to college can be difficult, especially the classes and studying. In this paper, I will show students how to manage their classes, what supplies might be helpful for college and help lead to their success and how to make time for studying and hanging out with friends and also to show having time management skills are very important to not only college, but in life after college. Everyone also knows how COVID-19 has been affecting our world and education systems, so I will also show upcoming students how COVID-19 has changed the classrooms and how to deal with that.

The first thing I would like to talk about is what supplies you will need for college. In high school, you need certain type of books or however many binders, but college is way different. In college, you might not need that many supplies like you have in college. The first thing I recommend you buying is a planner. Having a planner will help you schedule out your day, with classes and hanging out. I had a planner and used it for the entire year and it has helped me a lot with classes and studying, and I am sure it has helped more freshman like me to help with how long should they study for a test, when should they go hang out with their friend, etc. I have spoken to many upperclassmen and they have said that having a planner is very useful to helping you manage your time. “Having a timetable or a planner has helped me a lot with scheduling my day.” (Lillian Bowen, Sophomore at University of Pikeville)

Time management skills are very important not only with going to college, but life in general. According toThe main reason why we should learn time management is so we know how to manage our classes, jobs, study time, etc and it helps us reduce stress because many students feel super stressed and frustration when working on assignments for classes. When we learn time management, it comes easily to some people, but others might have a harder time with how they should manage their time. The way that me and many other upperclassmen found easily on how to help manage time is to have a list of what classes you have, what times do the classes start and when do they end, how long you should study for an exam or test in your class, what other electives do you have going on? For example, I am in band and I applied for the band scholarship, that means I signed up for concert band, private lessons and marching band, and on top of all that, finding time to prepare for your classes and studying may be difficult but I made an everyday list on how long should I spend on one assignment, how long should I study, what time do I go to my practice, etc. “Finding time to do everything is hard but it is not impossible.” (Christian James, Junior at University of Pikeville)

COVID-19 has changed the classroom a lot, that is obvious. Now we must wear masks to class, and we have to do social distance in classes and most classes are in an online format, and worrying that our roommate or other classmates getting COVID-19 and worrying about what would happen if the virus gets out of control in school, and that is very stressful for some people. But there are things we can do to help get rid of our stress about the COVID-19 situation. One thing we can do is have break days. Doing our assignments are very important but it is also good for us mentally to have a day where we do not have to worry or stress about assignments, a day where we can relax and take a step back before we get too stressed out and not be able to function in the class setting. The next thing we can do is remember how to still be normal, even with COVID. We all know that having a normal life during a pandemic might sound crazy, but we should at least try to get used to following the CDC guidelines while having a normal life. Like for example, washing our hands and wearing masks while being in public places, like the student lounge or in the library, and do not throw a party during all of this, trust me, it might sound fun but it isn’t worth it. “My friends went to a party and the next day, they were in quarantine, partying during a pandemic is a stupid idea.” (Taylor Ratliff, Sophomore at University of Pikeville)

In conclusion, with everything that is happening in the world, college will be tough, I am not going to lie, but with everything I have told you, with supplies and how to manage your time wisely, your first year will go along smoothly and hopefully, this helped make transitioning from high school and college easier on you and please remember, do not go party during an pandemic and please follow the guidelines, they are there for a reason.


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