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Nathan McIntosh



This article is meant to help you, a Freshman at the University of Pikeville, to successfully manage your budget. It is especially important for us as young adults to be more responsible with our money. This guide will give you tips on how to save that all important green stuff.


1.Keep active tabs on how much money you have at the start of each week and schedule a bit of what you plan to do each day.

2.Use your Bear Bucks wisely, Bear Bucks can provide with you all types of food, and with all the selections on campus, you have decisions to make when it comes to spending it.

3.Go to the Cafeteria, it is most definitely okay to go eat out with your friends, however, be sure to take advantage of the great food at the Cafeteria, it can save you so much money in the long run.

4.Keep money held back, sometimes it is best, especially if you know that you are a heavy spender to simply leave some money at home, or to not bring it out with you when you go out.

5.The cost of groceries and supplies for the room will add up overtime, the full cost of groceries is a lot more expensive than most college students realize, buy the cheaper deals in cases when it does not matter in quality.

6.Be a financial team with your roommate, if you and your roommate both purchase and share items and food, it will allow you both to spend a lot less money.

7.Manage wants with needs, for example you need gas money and food, however you do not need the new pair of Jordan’s that just dropped.

Interview with Upike freshman

I interviewed my roommate, Kaleb Blanton, on the topic of how he manages his budget, what his biggest purchases are, and how he saves money? He responded with information aplenty.

  1. What are your biggest purchases?
  2. My biggest purchases are a mix between clothes, or the gas station stops I do on almost a nightly basis, which adds up to quite a lot.
  3. How do you save money when it comes to shopping?
  4. I use coupon codes and take advantage of sales that clothing companies have, 50% off with a further 15% off coupon code can greatly decrease the price of items you plan to buy. Clothing companies that provide these sales quite often include, PACSUN, RUE21, and many more from time to time.



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