10 How to Take Notes in Dr. Howie’s Class

David Kyle Watkins

Editor’s Note: This was originally a website, and has been moved into a chapter format.

The Ten Steps

  • The most important thing is you really do have to read up on chapters before class.
  • Make sure you pay attention to the words or phrases he circles.
  • Close to that ^^ is paying attention to the words or phrases he underlines.
  • Also he switches up on day to day, but pay attention to the color that he uses the most usually the most important info.
  • Dr. Howie gives a lot of back story to most stuff so make sure you listen to his personal experiences, and try to connect that with the information on the board.
  • Dr. Howie goes over test questions a couple days before every class, so make sure you write down every bit of info he gives on those days. Usually he will let the class know the days he will do that!
  • After every class is over he allows the chance to take a picture of the board,so take advantage of that because it allows you to write down any info you might have missed.
  • Also it helps if you have colored pencils/pens to go along with Dr. Howie as he changes colors on the board.
  • Not many people take advantage of this, but ask Dr. Howie as many questions as you can to make sure you fully understand a certain topic.
  • Being able to tell the difference between a main point and just additional info is also a huge key!

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About Dr. Howie

Dr. Howie

Dr. Howie is a great teacher, but you have to come to class ready to learn. He truly knows his stuff, so staying intrigued the entire class is a huge plus. If you do not read up on chapters before class you will have a tough time understanding. So, it’s a huge must to read before classes to fully understand what he’s talking about!


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