61 How UPIKE Baseball Players Manage Stress and Survive Being a College Athlete

Jerry Brewer and Cody Campbell

There is an issue of freshman athletes not knowing how to manage their stress between sports and school. They are thrown into a new environment that they are not used to as well as playing college athletics which is new to them and can be stressful as well.  We surveyed our fellow teammates on what they do to manage their stress with sports and school. We only asked freshman baseball players because we felt that it would be more relatable. We also asked our teammates for tips on helping freshmen transfer from high school baseball to college baseball.

Graph indicating how UPIKE Baseball players reduce stress.

This shows that sleeping is what most baseball players do to manage stress followed by listening to music and hanging with friends. This graph is just what most people do. I would try all of these and figure out what works best for you. If none of these reducers work, you could always just find something that works for you.

Ryan Albers, Freshman, Criminal Justice Major,” I make a time management sheet to help manage my stress. I feel that it helps me stay more on top of my work. If I’m ahead of my work, I feel less stressed.”


1. Go to workouts – Don’t be late, do the work and get better.

2. Communicate with Coaches and Professors- You will be missing a lot so it’s best to form good bonds.

3. Don’t stress over little things- Baseball is just a game it’s supposed to be fun.

4. Stay Positive- Baseball is a game of failure.

5. Make a good time management chart- Being organized plays a big role in being successful

6. Stay on top of all schoolwork- If you don’t have good grades you cannot play

7. Work hard on and off the field- Hard work can carry you a long way in life.


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