152 Making New Friends in College

Maycie Walker

Is it easy or hard for you to making friends, when being put into a different atmosphere? For some people, living in a different area and not knowing anyone can be very scary. Others sometimes, have an easier way of making friends and communicating. While being in college, people sometimes go far away from home but also could be close to home. When you come to college, you meet so many new people. For example, it could be the people in your classes, activities, or even who you room with if you stay on campus.
Online Research
I have done some research online and trying to figure out the keyways to making new friends in college and trying to be comfortable with the people who are around you all the time. On a website called “ 7 Ways To Make Friends in College” it says that challenging yourself, knowing that everyone is new, knowing that it’s never too late to start over in college, keep trying, getting out of your room, getting involved in something you care about, and being patient with yourself. Knowing where to start is the main key to trying to learn how to make new friends. I also researched some ways that new incoming freshman have made friends and how it has been on them to adjust to new life. In an article I read called “ No Place Like College”, it says that getting involved in groups can help because making new friends can be tough.
I interviewed a new incoming freshman just like me to see their thoughts on making new friends and seeing if there was anything they have done differently or any tips they could give to help others make new friends.


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