129 Making the Most of College During Covid-19



 College is a once in a lifetime experience for a person to go through. It’s is a very important time in all of our young lives. At UPIKE it’s very important that we as students enjoy and make the most of the college experience, but this year our college experience is looking a little bit different. Even though college this year will look a little different it is still very important we know how to make the most of our college experience in a safe and healthy way.


This year in 2020 we are in the midst of a global pandemic known as the Coronavirus (Covid-19). Covid-19 is a raspatory virus that can directly affect the lungs. Covid-19 affects everybody differently. It can cause mild to serious illness and in some cases, even death. Covid-19 has had a definite impact around the world, but now it is affecting college campuses and the way they look this year.

Covid-19 being present during times when schools are in session greatly affects college students. Students must understand how their behaviors on, and off campus will affect their roommates, friends, and fellow students at their school/university. Students should try to stay connected to their campus and school events even if it is online, staying connected through these tough times will be beneficial to get an understanding of the differences this year in 2020. Students should make sure their universities’ rules and guidelines for their own safety and their peers. Finally, students should set schedules and reminders to themselves how to maintain their healthy habits and how to safely have fun during the more so “uncertain times” on campus.


At UPIKE this campus and activities have been structured to ensure that students have a good experience on campus while staying safe. UPIKE calls these new guidelines Healthy at UPIKE. These are guidelines that are designed to maintain the spread of Covid-19 and keep campus a safe and healthy place for students to thrive. UPIKE has four levels that campus could go to at any time, 1 being the lowest level of concern and 4 being the highest. You can find out more about the Healthy at UPIKE levels, number of students in quarantine, and the total number of active cases on campus by following this link,


From my experience so far at college things are definitely not like I pictured them before the Covid-19 started. You do not see things like large group gatherings, campus events, or even fall football games. You always see everyone with a mask on and practicing social distancing. During times like these you definitely do not get the full experience of college, but it is still important that you make the most of your time. You can still hang out with your friends if you do it safely by wearing your mask, you can eat with people from your same rooming area in the café, and you can still safely participate in the events held on campus by wearing your masks and practicing social distancing.

Following the guidelines every day and not being able to do some stuff that the traditional college experience offers can be very mundane and frustrating. I have come up with some steps that can help you.

  • Remember- Remember that your actions whether be good or bad can and will affect your campus and peers.
  • Stay Active- Being active in your school activities campus events safely can make sure you are having fun on campus during Covid-19.
  • Finding Your Reason- This is a big one. With following all of the guidelines and ensuring your own and others’ safety on campus you have to find your reason why. Why are you going to follow guidelines and keep your campus safe? Not just for one week, but for a whole school year. When you find your reason why it will stick with you and make it easier everyday in the struggle of Covid-19.
Photo of Coal Building and Record Building-- name is seen on Coal Building

I conducted an interview with Terrick Smith, who is a freshman at UPIKE like me. He is on the basketball team and lives in the same hall as me. I wanted to get his views and ideas about the differences on campus this year due to Covid-19.


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