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There are many different ways to make your dorm feel like home. Your dorm is where you sleep, do homework, have friends over and just live your life honestly. You want a place that is comfortable for you and your roommate. I live in Derriana so I had a private bathroom that I only shared with two people. If you aren’t sure what you need for your room here is a list of items I brought from home, decor I bought and things I thought that could help me in this transition. First thing you want to do is find a color scheme for your room and bedding. My color scheme was yellow, navy blue, white and, grey. Next, you want to get in touch with your roommate and become friends with them so the day you meet them isn’t the day you move in. You live with them so you want to know what kind of person they are. Also if you and your roommate have different times to move in, don’t rearrange the room without them. Make it to where you both have room and both feel comfortable. This is a list of things me and my roommate brought (not all are duplicates) that makes our dorm our home.



  • ❏ Twin sheets and pillowcases
  • ❏ Twin comforter
  • ❏ Throw blanket
  • ❏ Throw pillows
  • ❏ Body pillows
  • ❏ Mattress topper (can be pricey but are AMAZING)
  • ❏ Stuffed animals or anything you slept with that reminds you of home.



  • ★ Pictures of family, friends, pets, and places that make you happy
  • ★ Tapestry
  • ★ Posters of tv shows, movies
  • ★ Cork board
  • ★ Calendar
  • ★ TV
  • ★ Curtains
  • ★ Fake plants
  • ★ Full length mirror



  • ❏ Laundry detergent
  • ❏ Hamper (i prefer the ones with wheels)
  • ❏ Dryer sheets



  • ★ Coffee pot (Keuirg)
  • ★ Mini fridge
  • ★ Microwave
  • ★ Favorite snack and candy
  • ★ Water & water bottle
  • ★ Microwavable foods
  • ★ Plastic silverware or reusable silverware
  • ★ Microwave safe plates and bowls
  • ★ Tupperware
  • ★ Dish soap and dish rags



Communal bathroom items

  • ❏ Towels (hand towels, body towels, washcloths or loofa)
  • ❏ Shower caddy
  • ❏ Shower shoes
  • ❏ Shower cap
  • ❏ Personal items (shampoo, conditioner, razor, body wash, etc.)

Private  bathroom items

  • ❏ Toilet bowl cleaner
  • ❏ Toilet paper
  • ❏ Bath mat/ rugs
  • ❏ Shower cleaner
  • ❏ Clorox wipes
  • ❏ Garbage can
  • ❏ Personal items
  • ❏ Rack to hang up clothes & towels

These items are really mostly what you need. My advice would be to not bring all of your clothes from home and to bring mostly the outfits you wear. Moving from home to your dorm is a big adjustment for you and your family. Yes it is scary but make the most of the time you have here.


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