121 Managing Your Money

Dylan Morris; Emily Mills; and Whitney Causey

For our final project, we decided to do a PowerPoint over managing money and different budgeting strategies.​We chose this topic because managing money as a college student is vital.​ We interviewed students around campus to see if they manage their money and if they have a budgeting plan set into place.

Personal Relation

Emily Mills- ”I really struggle with managing my money. I don’t have a budget plan set into place, but I would like to have one. I spend my money on both wants and needs, but usually wants. I have a dollar left of Bear Bucks.” ​

Whitney Causey- ”I do not really struggle with my money. My budget plan is, I only spend $100 a week. I only buy my needs, but sometimes wants.”​

Dylan Morris- ”I don’t struggle too bad with my money, but I do not have a budgeting plan like many college students. I currently have $3 left in Bear bucks.”​

Survey Questions

1. Do you currently have a budgeting plan set in place?

71% yes to question 29% no to

71% Yes/29% No

2. If so, please elaborate. If not, how do you keep track of your money?

Many students say that they have a mobile banking app and that is how they keep track of their money.

Those who did have a plan elaborated on it and some results were that they only spend a certain amount of money a week, no matter what.

3. Do you feel like you mostly purchase wants or needs?

Needs- 14%

Wants- 29%

Equal Both- 57%

4. How many Bear Bucks do you have left?

0-50: 50%

50-100: 25%

100-150: 8%

+150: 17%

5. Do your friends struggle with budgeting?

Yes- 73%

No- 27%

Do you want to have a budgeting plan set in place or are you content with wasting your money?
Tips for Budgeting
  • Make a schedule
  • Track your money (online banking account)
  • Cut up your credit cards
  • Think before you buy
  • Plan your needs first
  • Keep a portion of your paycheck back when you get paid
  • Avoid depression, it makes you spend money
  • Reward yourself sometimes

How to Make a Budgeting Plan

  • See how much money you have
  • Put a money limit on your wants
  • Put your needs before wants
  • Make arrangements for paying bills
  • Plan ahead so you’re not in debt
  • Keep track of how much money you actually have

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