53 Managing Your Student-Athlete Responsibilities

Nicole Gilbert

Being a college student for the first time can be difficult, but it can be even more stressful when you have a lot on your plate. I am a student athlete here at Upike, so I can relate to that feeling of being drowned in homework, practices, and workouts. The main key to succeeding is to be organized. Throughout my research and survey of my team members I have found that organization can really be a key role in succeeding in college. Students stay organized in many different ways, so I am here to share some of the best ones with you.

Survey Data I surveyed 20 of my teammates who are student athletes in different years and majors, and these were the results.


Graph indicating survey responses to whether being organized is necessary for success.
Do you consider yourself an organized person?
yes 13
no 7




Graph indicating number of people who believe that organization has helped them succeed in college.

Keeping a Planner

I began using a planner in my sophomore year of high school when I began taking college level classes. A lot of the time teachers

or even coaches will not remind you over and over, so it is best to write down any important dates or events in a planner. According to The Odyssey Online blog, the number one tip for students in college to stay organized is to use planner. After meeting with student athletes across the campus there are only a few who do not keep a planner. Plan everything out, from when you have class to when you want to grab lunch with a friend.

Graph explaining results of student survey question asking whether studying improves test scores. Students said it did.
How long do you study for exams?
3 hours or more 14


Less than 3 hours 6
Graph showing whether surveyed students study habits have increased or changed since high school. 17 said theirs had.

In conclusion, college is rough, especially when you have a lot to balance. There will be times when you feel like you will not make it, but you will. It will be hard, but you will succeed. A lot of times it is hard for students to put school over friends and fun. If you have to turn down going out or playing games, do it. Will it make your friends mad? Maybe, so what? Firstly, you are in college to get a degree and secondly to represent your school as a team. Once you have your most important commitments taken care of you can enjoy your free time with friends, going out, or even just relaxing.


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