16 Most Important Steps To Become a Teacher

Abby Meade

#1: Maintain a 2.75 GPA 

  • In order to get accepted into the education program, you have to maintain a 2.75 GPA in the following: overall, specialization classes, and general education classes.

#2: Follow the Curriculum Map for Your Chosen Field of Study

  • For each subject and each level of education, there is a strict curriculum map to follow in order to complete the required specialization and general education classes. Following these courses allows you to stay on track to graduate ready to teach your chosen area.

#3: Schedule and Pass the Praxis Core Test 

  • Candidates must have passing scores on Kentucky’s Teacher Preparation Entry Assessment- Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators (CORE) in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics for admission to the Teacher Education Program. The assessment should be taken no later than June of the freshman year.

#4: Background Check 

  • In order to be admitted and perform clinical work, some form of a background check will have to be completed.

 #5: Connect with an Advisor 

  • Students must form a connection with an advisor from the Patton College of Education. This is necessary in order to be accepted into the Education program, and they will also help to keep you on track.

#6: Submit an application for admission to the Teacher Education Program.  

  • During the Spring of a student’s junior year, you must apply for the education program. The last day for this submission is scheduched now for February 1st.

#7: Prepare for your Interview 

  • Once a student has submitted their application, they will be required to interview to be completely accepted. This usually takes place in August.

#8: Schedule and Pass the Praxis Content 

  • The praxis content is a standardized test that a student is required to pass in order to be in the education program. The test depends on what grade and field you are pursuing to teach. This usually takes place in April of Junior Year.

#9: Complete Clinical Practice 

  • Students in the Education program are required to complete Clinical practice hours. These are to be completed in the fall of senior year, along with EDU classes, and in the spring of the senior year. Students are allowed the chance to observe and actually see how content is applied in the classroom.

#10: Pass the PLT 

  • The PLT, or Principles of Learning and Teaching is required to complete the education program. This usually takes place in November and the passing scores are due to the Education office before admission to Clinicals II.

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