134 My Starting Days at UPIKE


My Starting Days At UPIKE

Leaving home for the first time and being on your own is a scary feeling.  Your body and mind wants to adapt to the new atmosphere, but your heart wants to stay home. It is time that you must decide how to handle your fears and overcome your obstacles. Entering UPIKE was a hard task for me to overcome, but with a few strategies I feel I have maintained well. Different thoughts are running through your head of how you will ever survive and adapt to your new surroundings.  The key to your answer is making new friends and letting campus become your new home. Never thank of what you had to leave behind, but what you are gaining from this time forward. Taking pictures or personal belongings of your family members will help you to feel safe while you are at college. They will give you a feeling in your heart that even though they may not be here in person, they are in my heart where they belong.  Keep a good clear mind and remember the only reason you left them is to better yourself.  Keep positive thoughts in your head of how fast the years will pass to end your college degree. You will be back home with your family and an education as well.

Making new friends at college is important part of liking campus.  The more people you interact with and get to know the more you will want to stay. When choosing these friends make sure you choose people who have some of the same interests as you.  This will help you to adjust and be able to do fun things together on campus.  Most college students are wanting to experience and try new things. This is usually due to peer pressure and wanting to be consider the big guy on campus. They feel if they will not participate then they want be excepted or have any friends. Don’t ever thank that you have to try these things for people to like you.  Let people learn to accept you for you, not somebody just pretending. Learn to meet and treat the new people as family and you will never feel alone.


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