104 Parking at UPIKE

Devon Tussey and Jaren Johnson

Available Parking

Interactive Map

University & Public Parking frequently used by Students:​

  • Kentucky Avenue​
  • College Street​
  • UPike Gym Parking​
  • Pikeville Parking Garage​
  • Hambley Blvd​

Frequent Violations:​

  • Visitor Parking at Business Building​
  • Faculty Parking at Condit​
  • Resident Parking at Wickham​

Parking Permit

All parking permits are distributed by the University’s Public Safety Office. ​

  • Parking Permit Application required before receiving permit.​
  • First Permit is free; otherwise, cost of $10.​
  • Permit valid from July 1st to June 30th (one year).​

Resident VS Commuter Passes​

  • Residents have the most available parking​
  • Commuters may park in Parking Garage​
  • Both passes prohibit parking in faculty parking​

Parking Violations


  • Disabled Parking: $100​
  • Fire Lane: $100​
  • Visitor Only: $50​
  • Reserved Parking: $50​
  • All Other Violations: $20​

Fines are added to the violator’s account and may be paid off at the University’s Business Office​

Tickets may also be fought and discarded by going to Public Safety Office and filling out a complaint​

Vehicles not authorized to park in the University’s parking lots may be towed at any time​


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