122 Personal Life

James Mullins and Shalie Bell

Getting Around Campus

  • One of the main things to begin your personal life at college is to learn you way around. Such as where to go for activities. This is a something you would need to know before you begin trying to make new friends. One of the best things to do is just ask someone. Anyone would be glad to help!
  • It’s always scary for anyone to move away from home to start a whole new chapter in life so it’s important to at least become familiar with your surroundings so you can become a little bit more comfortable for it to become your new home.
Photo of Coal Building and Record Building-- name is seen on Coal Building

Another great way to find locations for where you need to go is by looking at the building. Most of them have their name on them. Such as the one pictured above which is the coal building. This where the café is located which is where many first-year students go to eat. Making a great place to go if looking to try to get new friends.

Making new friends

  • We went around and asked a few other first year student and mostly everyone said the same thing about making new friends. Always make sure they’re going to be helpful instead of a burden! Since your schoolwork is still the main priority, having friends that support you through it is very helpful. Sometimes just that extra little support could be the difference in getting your homework done or not.
  • Another key thing students said when trying to make new friends is to just be yourself. You’re already stressing over school that there’s no need in trying to impress someone just to have a someone to talk to. If you can’t be yourself then there’s no need for you to be their friend anyway.

How to meet people

  • The best way to meet people to try and become friends with is by going to events around campus. From sporting events to the what’s up Wednesday’s.
  • There’s always a bunch of people who attend them so it’d be a great opportunity to try and meet someArmington Science Center


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