174 Preventing Homesickness

Dalton Mullins

Living on campus is beyond an amazing experience; it allows students to engage with one another outside the classroom. It allows everyone to make new friends and gives first-year students a better understanding of the campus. But there is a big problem that most people deal with while living on campus, and that is homesickness. I have gathered some ideas that will help you first-year students get past homesickness so you can really enjoy the campus life. The first tip I have for you all is to have pictures of loved ones with you. Doing so will make you feel more comfortable and avoid you longing for home. The second tip I have for you is bringing stuff from your room that you enjoy the most or things that help you feel more comfortable, perhaps a blanket you have slept with for many years. My third and final tip for you guys to decrease the chance of having homesickness while living on campus is. Is to keep yourself busy keeping yourself busy and not thinking of home can help you tremendously whether you look at future assignments and projects like myself or play video games or just go hang out with friends the list goes on keeping yourself busy is one of the best ways to decrease the chance of developing homesickness.

The first tip I want to talk about is bringing pictures of loved ones with you to campus. As a first-year college student I find myself missing my loved ones like may others. A way that I discovered to get over this problem was to bring pictures of my loved ones to college with me. Just looking at the pictures I have all around my room cheers me up when I start feeling homesick. This tip might be simple but doing this will help you first-year students a lot.

The second tip I mentioned was bringing objects from your bedroom to your dorm room on campus this will help all you first-year college students prevent the chance of being homesick.

The items you can bring to your dorm room can vary, whether it being small stuffed animals you have had since childhood to a blanket that you always slept with as a kid. Bringing objects like those will help you tremendously when you are trying to avoid homesickness. I brought a Comfortable blanket that I bought myself three months before I moved to campus. I knew that I was going to miss my home while attending college so instead of buying everything brand new for my dorm room I decided to bring along with me things I already owned because it reminds me of home and makes me feel as though I am back at home laying in my own bed when I go to sleep allowing me to get a full nights rest so I can tackle the next day.

The third and final tip I have for you guys is to keep yourself busy. Coming from someone who hated homework throughout their school career, I have noticed that keeping yourself busy is one of the best thing’s students can do to avoid homesickness. To keep myself busy, I log in to canvas to look at my classwork and future assignments. But this is not the same for everyone after asking ten students here on campus how they keep themselves busy to avoid missing home. Three of them said doing classwork and studying while four people said spending time with their friends, and the other three, I asked, said playing video games. So, there are many ways you can keep yourself busy. It does not have to be classwork. Do something that you enjoy, no matter what it is, because being homesick is not worth it.

In conclusion, campus life is an amazing experience that I believe everyone should experience in their lifetime. But living away from home comes with a huge problem being homesickness. The three easy tips everyone can use to avoid being homesick is keeping pictures of your loved ones with you, bringing small items from home, and keeping yourself busy. While doing these things, you will lower the chances of yourself becoming or developing homesickness. Campus life is amazing go experience it and do not take anything for granted




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