94 Pros and Cons of Commuting


Editor’s Note: This project was written by three anonymous students.

Throughout this project, we will be explaining some of the advantages and disadvantages of commuting by using a survival guide. All three of us commute to and from school, so we have all figured out what to do over the course of the semester. Commuting can be more cost efficient if you balance everything out. We will be asking questions to five random commuters around campus and putting the data in a survey. The rest of the project will show advantages and disadvantages of commuting using pictures and data, and the reasoning behind each of these things.


Survey of Interview with Five Random Commuters Around Campus

Student 1 Student 2 Student 3 Student 4 Student 5
Do you believe that commuting is cost friendly? Yes, because you don’t have to pay for room and board No, you have to pay for gas and food. No, the cost of gas and buying food in town every day. Yes, it is more money to live on campus. No, because of high gas prices and McDonald’s gets old.
Do you feel like you are missing the college experience by commuting? Yes, because I never know what is going on, on campus No, you can still hang around campus and participate in activities. No, the college experience doesn’t matter to me. Yes, I want to party, and I don’t get the opportunities to. Yes, I’m not always able to attend meeting and party.
Is food always accessible? Yes, because there are a lot of restaurants nearby. Yes, restaurants are close and homemade meals. Yes, plenty of places to eat. Yes, there are lots of restaurants in downtown Pikeville. No, I don’t always have enough money.
Do you feel like commuting has an effect on your academical performance? No, I do my work rather I’m on campus at the house. It depends on how you manage your time. Yes, there are certain programs on campus that I don’t attend. No, it helps to get away from college to focus on your work. Yes, because I can’t make it to class when the weather is bad.


Disadvantages of Commuting

Average gas prices in eastern Kentucky.
Expenses from McDonald’s menu

The images above can be described as reasons as to how commuting can be bad. The cost of gas traveling back and forth to the campus can definitely be expensive. For example, I am a commuter and I live about 20 miles away from campus and based on my vehicle, I will use about 2 gallons of gas every single day of the week. With the gas prices being around $2.59 on average, that would be around $5 a day. However, that is not talking about the cost of fast food restaurants and the cost of eating every day. The image above is a menu of McDonald’s, which is actually one of the most cost friendly fast food chains around. I usually spend around $25-$35 a week on food. This price is just a rough average of the amount of money you will spend a week, based on a $5-$7 eating price range. Another disadvantage to commuting is social life. When you commute to college, you’re missing out on many campus activities and won’t get the opportunity to connect with people socially. This could lead to you going through college without building many relationships or making any memories.


Advantages of commuting at UPIKE



Tuition $20,188
Books and Supplies $2,500
Other Fees $150
Room and Board $7,500
Other Expenses Budget $6,500

The roughly cost of attending UPIKE and staying on campus


There are many different pros about commuting here at UPIKE, one which includes the image above. The cost to attend UPIKE is already very high, and if you look at the cost of room and board, you can see that you can if you live off campus you can knock off the $7,500 cost of your total cost. Students who live off campus tend to have better home-cooked meals and a balanced nutritional diet. This is a huge advantage and is something to think about when deciding to live on campus. Students who commute also get to see their family more often and keep that strong relationship between them. This could motivate a student to stay focused and stay in school because they aren’t homesick. Lastly, a pro to commuting is that your home can be a better environment for learning and doing homework. You get to do work and study in the comfort of your home without the noise of neighbors and fellow dorm m


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