19 Recipe to a Successful First Semester


Step One: Make a Weekly Schedule

It is important to have a plan. You will be more effective to know exactly what you have to get done and when. This not only helps with procrastination, but the work that you turn in is more of an Apple pie instead of a Blueberry pie!

Step Two: Find a Study Group

It is important to find a group of friends and peers that you can study with. But when in a study group you need to make sure it’s not a social hour. If you get distracted and leave your pie in the oven to long it will burn. 

Step Three: Build Your Resume

Over the next four years you need to be building your resume. You need to do this so when you go to apply to medical school, internship, etc. you are an exceptional candidate. The same can be said with your pie, if you don’t have enough filling the pie won’t be all that tasty.

Step Four: Take Every Opportunity You Can

If an opportunity makes itself known you should take it. This will help you make connections and improve your person overall. If you had a chance to make your pie taste better you could take that chance. The same can be said about opportunities. 

Step Five: Remember Why You are Here

You don’t just walk in the kitchen with no goal set in mind. You need to remember that you are here to get an education. Everything else here is just extra. You need to remain focused on your goal and dream. 

Step Six: Don’t Get Lazy

You shouldn’t half do an assignment. Everyone gets tired and doesn’t want to do things its human nature. Yet, you should try to be strict with yourself. Make sure you get everything done that need to be done. When making your Apple pie you don’t just make the crust you add the feeling as well. 

Step Seven: Study Ahead of Time

When you make a pie you don’t just hope your kitchen has all the ingredients, you go out and get get everything you need. The same can be said about study habits. Your brain doesn’t automatically know everything it’s supposed to. Because of this you need to make sure you study ahead of time. This will help not only your grades but also with your mental health. When you are prepared for a test you aren’t near as stressed.  

Step Eight: Do Your Best on Every Assignment

With regarding the A-B line the little assignments can help a lot. This is why you should try your best on every assignment. Those little points can sometimes be the difference between an A and a B. When you make your Apple pie you always try your best so it tastes great. You should do the same with your grades 

Step Nine: Have Self-Interventions

Sadly your childhood is over. Your an adult know. Because of this you need to hold yourself accountable. If no one else is here to remind you to do your homework you have to do that  yourself. You need check in with yourself and make sure you are on track. You don’t just pour stuff in the mixing bowl you check to make sure its the right stuff, you should do the same with your future.

Step Ten: Find Balance

Your life can’t just be all work. You need to be able to have some fun too. If all you do is work you will lose your mind. Make sure to take care of yourself and have some fun. Sometimes goofing off while making the pie is one of the best tasting pies you can make!


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