85 Relieving Stress During Class and Season Finals

Bryce Oliver


Being a student athlete can be a very stressful thing especially when it comes to a busy school schedule and to add to the stress a super busy sport schedule. It can really get to someone when they have a lot of homework and they have practices. Also games to get to on time and be prepared for. In high school I had some trouble juggling school and bowling during my sophomore and junior year because the workload was a lot to handle for me at the time. But with the help of some people to help me with my time management skills to get me through the tough times. This is what this essay is all about is to give all the student athlete’s that need that guidance to help them out with balancing school and sports. Especially here at the University of Pikeville. Because we are school that prides itself on our athletics.

According to Norah Hunt’s article on student’s mental health and final exams during sport seasons. Student athletes are not as likely to ask for help when it comes to a mental health issue. Even though studies have shown that 73% of coaches are very approachable and care about their athlete’s mental health. Another study has shown that athletes are more stressed about all they responsibilities they must take on and to complete all the tasks they think they have they have to finish. In another article written by Jason Perry he says, “Athlete’s stress over performance”. In my opinion that is what is some of the problems with student athlete’s they stress over performance on both sides. In the classroom and on the field or court or if you are in any other sports. They need to realize they are human being’s and things are going to happen and they are going to mess up. And the final article I have found is written by Sierra Soleimani. This article is giving student athletes tips on how to manage school and sports during college. One of the tips that caught my eye the most was get motivated. Because you can’t get schoolwork done when you aren’t motivated to do it at all.  Another one that caught my eye was use travel time to study. That is a crucial time for a student athlete because it’s time to rest yourself coming from a tournament or game but it’s also good time to study and get homework done while on the road. I hope this helps some of the newer student athletes like myself at Upike to help them balance school, sports and also stress.


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