170 Residence Life

Keyshawn Fede and Harrison Langston


The reason why we picked this topic because we feel that it is very important for students to know what they are getting into when coming to upike. As a first-year student, you come into college asking alot of questions. You don’t really know who to go to to answer your questions. This presentation will allow you to answer your questions and allow you to fully understand what its like to be a first-year college student. As a first-year student, the university try their best to host events for the students so that they always have something to do besides sitting in your dorm room. Always remember to be social and try to get out and do as many things as you can.

As a first year student, you come onto campus with a lot of questions. You will have advisors around campus with any questions that you have. ​Advisors are there to assist you throughout the year and to help you keep up with your grades and schedule.​ These advisors help drastically whenever your stressing about classes or if you just need to blow off some steam or just to sit there and talk to you. ​


When you arrive on campus, you will move into a freshman dorm. Some universities have a same gender dorm as a freshman, and some might have co-ed dorms. ​ Within these dorms you will have a laundry room. The laundry will most likely be free​. Quiet hours are usually from 12 am until 7am . This allows people that need to study or catch up on work quiet time so they can focus on their work.


Another topic that we are going to discuss is the Cafe/Food. As a student you get the option to be put on a meal plan throughout the entire semester. You also get an option to put Bear bucks on your student account. Bear bucks is virtual currency that you can use when you go to CFA, Einstein bros, and P.O.D.S. All of these places are available to the students throughout the entire week. If you run out of bear bucks you can always put more bucks onto your account. ​

Many university’s have various options for food and will always feed the pwolw at the university.


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