179 Residence life : how to get used to sharing space with a stranger


Residence life: how to get used to sharing space with a stranger

If you are reading this, you are probably in the same boat we were in at the beginning of our freshman year. If you are then that means you are wondering how you are going to share a space with a stranger when you are not used to sharing at all. In this project, we will be telling you how many upperclassmen and ourselves coped with sharing our space, because we all know that it can be a difficult thing to learn at first. When you come to college and you plan to live on campus with a roommate the first thing that comes to mind to is “are they going to touch my stuff” well we are here to tell you that you can set boundaries and they have to respect those boundaries no matter what.

Here are some pros and cons to having a dorm roommate

Pros: 1. your roommate is pretty much your first college friend

  1. you can split the cost of utilities
  2. you have opportunities to share things with your roommates (ex: toilet paper, laundry soap, hair dryer, etc…)
  3. cleaning is easier

Here are some questions and answers that can help you

  • ) Difference between sharing your space before and after covid-19?
  • – Sage ( a sophomore at upike) says last year it was easier because we didn’t worry about getting sent home and then coming back, and we didn’t have to worry about deep cleaning as much and making sure both of our sides was clean as much
  • ) How do you cope with sharing your personal belongings and space with a stranger?

Tips :

  • ) The first thing you should do in our opinion is set down with your roommate and discuss the boundaries each of you want to set.
  • ) Get to know them. (nobody wants to lay down at night with someone they have not spoke to)
  • ) You are more than likely not going to be bff’s with your roommate so don’t stress about it.
  • ) Try to stay on good terms with them after all you will be living with them the rest of the year


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