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Editor’s Note: This project was written by three anonymous students.

“Social interaction is the key to survival when they’re away from their parents for the first time,” according to the Vocal Media website. Going out and making new friends is an experience that everyone should have in college. Developing social skills now will only help you in the future. It will increase you self-esteem and help to make you less nervous when going for a job interview or meeting someone new. Being enrolled in college will help you meet people from other countries and maybe experience a little bit of their culture. By being social and going out with friends will help increase your personal and professional social networks.

“Study buddies can not only teach you new studying techniques, but they can also help you take more efficient study breaks and keep you on track,” states Unigo. Building relationships can be difficult and a large learning curve for some. You should try and sit beside someone in class to see if you get along with them. Maybe you could hang out with them some outside of class and eventually maybe even go meet them to study.

Being antisocial can cause you to not succeed as much in the classroom. “Make some time in your schedule to hang around with some classmates, and watch your grades improve,” says Anthony Geremia who wrote an article about the importance of social life in college. She explains the effects of isolating yourself and gives reasons to why it could be your downfall in college.


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