55 Softball with College

Haven Layne and Deandra Nicole Castle

How many hours a day do you practice?

  • Our teammates that took our survey said they practice 3-4 hours. ​
  • There is team practice, Pitching practice, and batting practice.​
  • The conditioning is one hour. ​
  • The practices are back to back. One ends @9pm and the next starts @6am

How many hours a day do you study?

  • The highest score was that our teammates study was 3-4 hours ​
  • Some of our girls have labs and that are BIO have to study longer. Some teammates said they studied for 5-6 hours.​
  • Depending on how hard the class is you will study longer ​
  • You need to study about on hour for each class you have

How much free time do you have?

  • First year teammates said they have 2-4 hours of free time or none at all​
  • Upper classmen teammates said they had 3-4 hours of free time ​
  • Freshman are required to go to a lot of events during n your first year and it makes it hard to have all kinds of free time​
  • You will have most of your free time are practices

How often do you check into team synced?

  • Upperclassmen said every other class​
  • Freshman said they do every other class or they always forget ​
  • Once you get use to team synced you will start to do it more often ​

What time do you usually go to bed? 

  • Upper classmen said between 11pm and midnight ​
  • Freshman said between 11pm and midnight or after midnight ​
  • You tined to over think things freshman year and you will stay up all night worried about things ​
  • You will stay up all night doing homework when you really to chill and go to sleep and start early and fresh in the morning ​

What advice would you give upcoming freshman next year?

  • “don’t be scared to tell your coach the truth or ask teammates questions.  Everyone is here to help you succeed.  Do not take what everyone says personally”​
  • “hard work pays off”​
  • “find a routine that works for you”​
  • ”use your time wisely”​
  • “always remember your key and ID card everywhere you go”​

Image of survey results from student survey regarding habits of student athletes.


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