127 The Guide to Social Life at UPIKE

Ethan Cartweight and Jacob Napier

Here at UPIKE it will definitely be a different scene for you no matter where you are coming from. The school is different but in good ways. Everyone is nervous to leave home and move away to start a new life. Nobody knows who you are and you definitely do not know who anyone else is besides your roommate. But, all the staff here does their best to make sure you get settled in as soon as possible. They helped us in any possible way they could. From events as soon as we got here to meet new people to things like a bonfire where there was food and movies to watch.

There are lots of things to do here for social life. Free bowling weekly, the lounge, and also all the events that our RA holds almost weekly for everyone here. The lounge was just remodeled last year and was made to suit the likings of just about everyone. The lounge has a playstation and xbox both the newest kind. You can watch movies or turn the music up and listen for as long as you want it is open 24/7. The game room has a pool table, ping pong, and all kinds of arcade games. Including a station where you can charge your device and lock it in a safe for free while you play a game or just chill out. Everything is fairly new but you can always go down there to have fun and meet all kinds of people. As you know if you are looking to go here UPIKE is small and it does not look like much fun but trust me, it is. I have always been able to find things to do. Whether that be driving 20 minutes and going to one of the most beautiful national parks I have ever seen or walking around downtown and looking through all the stores.

Social life as a whole is a really important thing to everyone. In a way Social life is what keeps us sane in plenty of ways. You would be bored without friends and It is always important to keep yourself entertained when you get to college. Anytime you are free from studying for your classes find something to do. Whether that be listening to music in the lounge or going to eat with friends. If you sit in your room all the time it will put you in a bad mood. If you get out find some friends and hang out with them and get your mind off school work for once. College is tough sometimes and you will be working hard. But, it’s for a good reason so there is no reason to be mad.

Another reason social life is important is that it is never fun studying alone. If you make some friends that are willing to study with you it will make everything more interesting. It is also easier to study with someone close to you just in case you need some help. You will be studying for tests in college and the school has plenty of places to do so. A lot of people go to the lounge and even outside on the picnic tables. There are also three different floors in the library and you can always find people working on the same things.

While you are in college you never know who you are going to meet. You will meet people from a different state than where you are from. You may also meet other people that are from another country. I think it is really cool to get to know people that are from a different place and or country than you. You learn how they do things at home and you may learn about different cultures and compare it to how you do things. There are plenty of opportunities here at Pikeville to meet new people. I have met friends that I will talk to for the rest of my life and teachers that I will definitely keep in touch with. Pikeville has the nicest people I have ever met from all over the country. Making friends here was easy because of what the school provided. You Will never be bored or lonely at the University Of Pikeville.

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