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            The reason I talk about the word freedom is because that is a very thing when it comes to college. College is very different from high school, where in high school you may have had parents or teachers helping mange you time and how to do your work. Once you get to college it’s a totally different story because everything you do in college is completely on your own. When you go to sleep, when you do work, and even to when you just relax and have fun. Those things may have been controlled by people in high school but in college that is all on you. College is where you become yourself. Being a freshman in college with tons of freedom that you’re not used to can lead to two totally different things. The first road it can lead you down could be a horrific road and you just take all the freedom you are given and just go out and have fun all the time. The other road could lead you down the right path and you could take all the freedom you have and take time for everything you need to do in college like sports, classes, relax time, and times where you go out just have fun.

The case for me when it comes to the huge amount of freedom I was given, unexpectedly, I would have to say it’s been going very well. I would have to say I went down the right road and I’m looking to continue down this great road. I would say I was put into a good position to do great things my parents have always taught me how to control work, sports, and fun time. So, I do believe I know how to control my freedom and end up on the right path. Also, with me being on the football team helps me be even more successful. We are always being pushed to keep our grades up and to be safe and smart outside of the football team. So that’s just another reason its been easier than I thought it would be.

Class Managing

            When having classes sometimes it can become a lot with everything a college athlete has going on. Sports take up a lot of time and college athletes have to make sure they keep up with classes because they have less time than the average student. In an article a athlete said that they make sure to lighten the load of their classes during season and load up during the off season. The reason for that is because during season they have less time and so its not as hard on them. During the off-season athletes have more classes because they have more time on their hands.

With this stuff being said I’ve followed the advice, I had sure that my class load are pretty good during the off season and I also made a lighter load for the season. How I manage the study time and all the homework I have set aside study times for different days. Depending on each week will determine how I go through each day with work. I always plan to have at least 90 percent of my work done by Friday. Being with the football team study time is pretty much required, at least one day of the week we have a mandatory study hall where we all have to go and get help with all classes if needed. With the football team doing that it makes most of the class work easier to do.

Some tips you could use to make school easier could be:

  1. Block your courses
  2. Make a plan
  3. Determine if you’re a night or morning person
  4. Keep a log of all work
  5. Finish homework on time, not late
  6. Learn to focus
  7. Divide and conquer
  8. Don’t take long breaks

In conclusion, college can be a very great place or a bad place for people. If you take the right steps to making your college life good and easy it’ll make you a lot easier. It can be very hard so always make sure you map out all your time to make sure you never fall behind. Make sure you never have too much fun and fall behind because you may never catch up and just fall down the hill.







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