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Tierdin Berry and Anonymous

Time Management


College can be stressful and very intimidating! When you don’t know a good way to practice “time management,” that’s when college starts to get stressful. This article is going to talk about methods on how to manage your time between college life and your personal life. We have also interviewed students and older adults that have successfully finished school to get their opinion on the best ways to pick up on time management and the best methods they picked up on. We also will go through this article talking about our personal say on this topic.

Online research

We have done online research to see what the best tips are on time management professionally and scientifically. According to this website, 7 Effective Time Management Tips, one of the best ways to manage is to write everything down. It goes into great detail on how you may think you can remember the information but you can slowly start to forget, but if write it down it can be something you look back on can easier to stick in your brain so the first tip is to write everything down.

According to, Time Management- Set to Go, it talks about learning a stagey on staying organized  how when you were younger you already had everything planned out, like, when you ate, what time you went to bed, etc. when growing up you develop skills that are things like managing your time.  When going into college, you must take more responsibility for how you control or manage your time. After high school, you probably won’t have someone regularly sitting with you and helping you do your homework, reminding you to leave for work/sports team practice, helping you figure out how much time you need for various assignments and projects, encouraging you to make time for socializing with friends and time to relax and hopefully have fun. Having a good stagey for managing your time will help you grow and spread your wings as you further your college career.

Another useful tip is stick to a routine; Getting into a routine can reduce uncertainty about when and how you will fit in homework and study time on top of school and your personal life. It’s not always ideal, you might have to stay up late or miss out on something fun to keep up with homework but that’s just how it is sometimes but you have to take sometime for your personal life so you don’t stress yourself out. In this other website called, Health Benefits of Having a Routine, it explains that when you plan a routine it can improve your mental health and help with anxiety levels. Plan out your schedule and do things on certain times that you plan out.

A good tip from a website called, Mastering Time Management in College, is to identify time wasters, such as, spending too much time on social media or being prone to answer texts and phone calls during study/ homework times. No matter what is wasting your time, set a goal to not engage in that behavior during dedicated study time. Tackle small task with a clear and not in a stressful place.



We have interviewed a few people from campus and even an adult that has successfully finished college and has a degree.

My first interview is with Miracle Taylor, she is a freshman athlete at the University of Pikeville.  ( hw means homework in the text below.)

Another person I have interviewed is a friend of mine that attends a different college. His name is Anthony JR, he is 20 years old and a sophomore at someone that goes to King University in Bristol, Tennessee. Due to covid-19 we had to do this discussion over text messages.

The final interveiw that we have done is my ( Lacey ) mother Melissa Preuss, she finished college and now a successful employee. When we asked her how she mamanged her time in college she replied with, “ how I balanced my time when I was in college, I had a job that I was working during the day and studied on my breaks then after work id go to my night classes. We then asked her how she prevented over stressing? She replied, “ I kept in my mind that I had to get this done because at the time I had three kids I had to take care of and had to make sure I made them just as proud as they make me today.”







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