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My Final Project is about time management. You should be able to have time to do whatever you need to do as long as you go through specific precautious steps. You’ll have time to relax and not feel like everything is against you. Plenty of college students feel like the universe is against them because we have such a short timeline to turn assignments in. Everyone can change their situation by what decisions they make, and time management can change your position from being bad to good.

I’ve surveyed all first-year seminar students on how much time they spend on certain things. The majority of the students spend more than two hours studying a week, with 27% of them were male, while 58% were female. The least amount that the students study a week is less than thirty minutes, with 6% male, while 3% was female. Studying is an essential part of college that you must do to be successful throughout the whole year. All first-year students should be studying more than two hours a week because you have plenty of time.

The next question on the survey asked how much time does it take you to get from class to class at UPIKE? The majority of students answered less than five minutes, while the least majority answered more than twenty minutes. Truthfully it shouldn’t take a student more than ten minutes to get to class. If it takes you more than ten minutes, then you have time to do some simple tasks before that next class. Look on the canvas app on your phone and see what you need to do or look at what you need to be prepared for in your next class.

Onto the next survey question asked, how long does it take you to get ready in the morning for class? The vast majority of students said ten to fifteen minutes, while the least amount said more than thirty minutes. If you’re a female and need time to get ready for class, make sure you plan accordingly because you all put makeup on, straightening your hair, etc. To guys who take more than thirty minutes which it shouldn’t unless you have long hair or have to shower that morning. Male or female plan accordingly on how long it takes you to get ready so you’re not late for class or possibly miss class. You get tardies in college, which has consequences if you get too many depending on the professor or you’re locked outside of class.

Then, the next question was, how much sleep do you get per night? Most of the students said four to six hours of sleep, which isn’t so good for your physical and mental health. Least of the students who took the survey said eight to ten hours of sleep, which sounds a lot better than four to six hours of sleep. New students coming into college, please get eight hours of sleep per night because it helps you out in the long run on tests and assignments. Lack of sleep hurts your physical and mental health, which also causes your brain to not be at its’ peak in tasks.

Finally, the last question on the survey that students answered was, how much time do you spend on assignments on weekends? The majority of the first-year seminar students selected one to two hours while the least majority of them selected less than thirty minutes. You should spend as much time as you need on assignments on weekends, primarily if you work and your off them days, or if you’re a student, that is when you have your most free time to be doing things productive that help you in the long run like catching up. Your school work should come first before all of the other activities you may want to be doing instead of assignments. It sucks, but your tasks are of utmost importance.

Use your time wisely new first year students. Don’t slack off thinking that you’ll be to make it up quickly and hold it off for later because assignments are thrown at you right after another. You’ll believe in your head that you have it on track, but when you’re given a task, please do it soon as possible. It only takes fifteen minutes to an hour to finish most assignments unless it’s English class because of many essays.


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