138 Tips to succeed in school with a job



If you have free time and a paper due in a few days don’t think oh well I have plenty of time I’ll take a break today and do my work another day. You never know when you will have more free time to do work go ahead finish up your work and bank on having more free time to relax not the other way around. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done the same thing and it’s came up where I’ve had to go in to work on the time I planned on having to do my school work and got late grades
Use your breaks
If you have an hour lunch or a 15 minute break take every bit of that time set a timer study during those breaks or do assignments and go back no earlier than you have to. This one has helped me many times where I’ve been stressed on time and I decided to study through my lunch. I’m not saying not to get food but while your eating and if you have any time extra time spend it studying don’t just set there on tiktok or Facebook or even tinder
Know your limits
Don’t be afraid to tell your boss no you can’t come in extra if you have a big test in the morning or ask for the day before your test off to study because most bosses will understand that your education is what’s most important. I’m not saying to call in so much you can’t pay bills or make it so regular that your boss gets mad. But if it’s a test you need to study for and you aren’t 100% confident don’t be afraid to take a day off
Don’t miss classes for work
I know this may be an obvious one to most people but I’ve seen many people fail there classes because they skipped to go in to work and missed vital information and it got them behind or got an FN because they missed all the days they could going into work and happened to oversleep one class and push it over the line

I hope all of my tips make your time a lot easier and helps you to have more success balancing a full time work load and a full time school schedule at the same time


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