171 UPIKE Dorm Life

Nick Golic; Michael Gallitz; and Jonathan Weaver

Make Your Dorm Your Home

In order to make a dorm room feel like home, it is important to introduce elements that are present in your regular home. This can include anything from posters and pictures from home all the way to certain foods or air fresheners. ​

In reality, home is what you make it, so UPike can be made into a home if you really want it to.

Pros About UPike Living

  • UPike provides the residents with free laundry, all accessed on the 1st first floor.​
  • UPike also provides A/C units where you can change the temperature of the rooms.​
  • There are seven dorms in total, more than enough rooms to hold UPike students.

Cons About UPike Living

  • First year dorm rooms can be either very small or pretty large. With the smaller rooms, it feels like a cell.​
  • There are not a lot of outlets in each dorm room, only one or two, make sure to bring a power strip or two to make sure you have enough outlets.​
  • The bathrooms are very dirty and disgusting. Be prepared.

What Can UPike Do to Make Living Better?

  • Make the lounging areas more enjoyable. We rarely see anybody in the lounging areas so if UPike can make the lounging area more enjoyable, that is a plus.​
  • Clean the bathrooms. We are college students, and yes we can be slobs, but the overall bathroom appearance is disgusting.​
  • Bigger rooms. The rooms in some of these dorms are very small. If UPike can somehow make the rooms bigger, it would be a lot better.​

Final Thoughts: 

In conclusion, the dorm life at UPike is what you make it. The room is yours to turn into your own space and to be unique from the rest. Although there are cons to living in dorms, the pros and experiences you get from living here outweigh them by a ton. It is easy to make UPike your home with a little effort and some memories of home. 


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