52 What Going to University School is Like While Also Facing a World-Wide Pandemic

Santana Alexis Sanchez

Hello there incoming freshman! I hope that you are very excited to begin your academic career as it is much different than high school. My name is Santana Sanchez and I am now a sophomore at the University of Pikeville. I am majoring in Biology in hopes to become a family physician. By now I do hope that you are familiar with the resource completely free to you called, “The Survival Guide to The University of Pikeville.” If not, that is okay, you are reading this now so take time and familiarize yourself with the links of previous freshmen experiences. As they will be very helpful and useful as freshmen.

I have decided to add a topic to your Health and Wellness link. Especially with all that is going on in the world today. I have chose, “What going to a University school is like while also facing a worldwide pandemic.” It is 2020 so at this point we are open minded for anything. As I faced my senior year and now as you are facing your senior year, Covid-19 struck. What exactly is Covid-19? Covid is a disease called SARS-CoV-2, normally target affecting the older population as a higher risk. Nope, wrong. The actual disease does affect the older generation a little more drastically simply because their immune system is lower. However, Covid-19 can affect anyone with a beating heart and how well your immune system is determines just how it will affect you.  The Global Pandemic, according to statistic data, affects people ages 18 to 29 more, with 42 percent reporting anxiety and 36 percent depression (which is our ages). The second most affected age group was people 30 to 39, with 34 percent reporting anxiety and 28 percent depression (which could be your parents). Older people, who are more at risk for catching and dying from Covid-19, were far less likely to report emotional reactions (which could be your grandparents).

On August 24th of 2020 we all began classes at the University of Pikeville. To us this meant many different things, a new adventure, experiences and also new friends. I mean in ways that’s correct but in ways it isn’t. Masks must be worn at all times, unless you are in the parking garage or in your dorm. 6 feet apart is a thing here, although it is very hard. You have to manage and at least try. You also can’t really meet anyone face to face as it must be via zoom. College Corona and Highschool Corona are similar but different. College requires you to walk greater distances in the weather, masks are smothering as is but imagine 90 degree weather. It is so important for not one but ALL to try and keep themselves healthy because 1 case leads to 2 and then 3 …

On September 21st 2020 emails were sent out by our University President saying we must go on a 72 hour Covid-19 lockdown. Meaning all college activities must stop immediately. After the 72 hour period was up, we then got another email saying in person classes would not be going back until October 12th 2020. That is how easily this disease is spread and how it is so important to stay away and wear your masks. We are all guilty (even myself) of pulling our masks down or getting shoulder to shoulder with our buddies. We risk so much even going to school or even work. This disease is greater than all of us and we are all getting tired.

Going to college in a worldwide pandemic is tricky and a million times stressful. Although I think this disease will be around for a long while especially since flu season is arriving soon. It may be gone before you know it. I hope that if it is still around you take time to read our experiences and use the resources that are free to you. I hope that you will wear your masks and stay the 6 feet apart. Your Health and Wellness is key, not only to your peers but to your professors as well. If you begin to feel sick or have symptoms there are clinics around the region that test for free. USE THEM. I know if you are forced to do college the same way as me, you will kill it. I know you got this. As always if you need anything reach out.

Best wishes, Santana