The Survival Guide to the University of Pikeville is a collaborative book created by first-year students at UPIKE beginning in Fall 2019.  During their first semester students, either individually or in small groups, reflect on topics they wish they would have known when starting college.  They then collect helpful information regarding these topics and complete a presentation in a format of their choosing.  Formats range from papers and slide presentations to infographics and videos.  These projects are included here in hopes this information can assist future University of Pikeville students or those at other institutions.

Generally, projects are incorporated as submitted.  Editorial remarks are included where appropriate to provide readers with greater insight into student work.  Projects are included as individual chapters under the following sections, Academics, Health and Wellness, Athletics, Commuter Life, Personal Life, and Residence Life.  Students are allowed to determine if they receive attribution for their contribution or instead listed as “anonymous”. The book as a whole is licensed CC-BY although each student or student group determined the licensing option for their chapter individually.

This guide is intended to be a living document.  Each year existing chapters will be edited or new ones written by first-year students.  We hope you enjoy this insight into student life and encourage you to visit the book periodically for updates.



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The Survival Guide to the University of Pikeville by Eric Werth, EdD and Katherine Williams is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, except where otherwise noted.

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