This textbook would not have been possible without the support from the following:

Thank you to the UM-Dearborn OER Task Force for the support and funding made possible through the 2020 grant award. This includes Holly Sorscher, Associate Director, Mardigian Library (Chair), Alfonso Sintjago – Instructional Designer (Member), Antonios Koumpias, Assistant Professor of Economics (Member), Autumm Caines, Instructional Designer (Member), Christopher Casey, University Coordinator of Digital Education (Member), Raya Samet, Education, Health & Human Services Librarian (Member), and Sophia McFadden-Keesling, First Year Experience Librarian (Member).

I’d like to give an extra special thanks to Raya Samet and Autumm Caines for their consistent guidance and support throughout the process of creating this book. You provided encouragement and clarity at crucial points in the process, and though at a times a solitary process, it didn’t always feel like one.

I also want to thank my former students who so graciously contributed their work to this textbook. This includes Shaza Maatouk, Madelyn Vasbinder, Matthew Johnson, Zeena Whayeb, Patrick Masell, Allen Dillard, Jenna Elder, Autumn Tashman, Brooke Madgwick, and Faith Billinger. Your exemplary work has always been the best pedagogical tools for me as a teacher, and without your work, this text couldn’t exist.

Finally, I’d like to thank my partner, Holly, my son, Felix, and my dog, Murphy, for granting me the time and space to complete the text, even if it meant less ‘make-believe’ time and fewer evening walks.


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